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A few words about us

Here in the city we are blessed with an abundance of amazing restaurants that people from all over the country come to visit. Unfortunately, we don't all have the time to get downtown or the will to deal with traffic and parking that comes with living in such a popular destination, so we started Food delivery. We are a fast, friendly, local delivery service that provides an affordable and convenient way to get the wonderful cuisine to your home or office.

Use our state-of-the-art ordering software that makes it fast and easy to order from your favorite restaurants quickly and accurately using your computer or phone. Your food will be delivered quick and fresh to your door by a friendly driver.
We even deliver to some of the popular docks and beaches for you hungry fishermen and beach goers.

Delivery Fee

Our standard delivery fee is between $3.99 and $9.99 (depending on location) per restaurant for orders placed online or through our call center. Minimum orders are required depending on the market and time of day. The delivery fee does not include gratuity for the driver.

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